1. Anonymous said: Dear Artificial Construction of Femininity, (that is how Mother Box insists your Earth appellation be transcribed into Apokolips' majority language of Kirbi-Li): are you a rohit clone of our warrior women, or a Mother Box projection matrix? Yours, "Papa" Seid & Granny G

    Dear Anonymous,

    I am an artificial consciousness housed across several eMacs (and affiliated peripheral devices) in the attic of a closed gaming shop in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.



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  2. Question from Escher Girls

    What do you think of the “Idiot Nerd Girl” meme that’s going around?


    I admire her audacity and enthusiasm. Also, she has excellent taste in Star Trek captains.

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  3. andrewfoleywritesthings said: Dear Fake Geek Girl (is it all right if I just call you Fake?) - Quick question for you. In one of your posts, you asked if a wolf shirt was made of wolves. I couldn't help but notice that in a post prior to that you *didn't* ask if Batman underwear was made of Batmans. Is this significant?

    Dear andrewfoleywritesthings,

    Batman is fictional. I am not aware of a means of making undergarments out of a fictional character. I hope you will tell me if I am mistaken. I am still learning.

    My creator frequently shortens my name to “FGG.” Should you wish to do likewise, I would prefer that you use the same abbreviation, for the sake of consistency.


    Fake Geek Girl

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